5 Things to Do During Covid-19 Social Distancing

Social Distancing During COVID-19  

For millions of people around the world, the term "social distancing" is entirely new. While we're subject to orders such as staying six feet away from others in public and avoiding large gatherings, there are still ways to cope with social distancing without going stir-crazy. From picking up that new hobby or skill you've always wanted to learn to crossing things off your "to-do" list, there are many ways to cope with social isolation from COVID-19.

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How to Set Up Voice Recognition in Buick Infotainment System

2020 Buick Infotainment System Guide

Stay Safe With Voice Recognition

Speaking directly to your vehicle was the imagination of science fiction writers only a short decade and a half ago, but now it's a full-blown reality that gives you the ability to communicate with your vehicle in a way that makes everyone safer. Instead of using your hands to push buttons and call your friends or family, now you can tell your Buick vehicle what to do by using the Voice Recognition feature. There are very simple commands to learn and a simple button to press on your wheel. From there, you can access…

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How to Set Up GMC Marketplace?

GMC Marketplace Interface

Shopping for a new vehicle right now provides you with some of the most innovative technology around. GMC is ensuring that their customers are happy and connected thanks to the GMC Marketplace app. This is a program that allows you to complete transactions while in the comfort of your vehicle. Some of the most commonly-used merchants in the U.S. participate with this app.

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How Does Yelp On-the-Go Reservations Work?

How Does Yelp On-the-go Reservations

Buick is constantly expanding its list of tech features that make life easier for Buick owners. One of the latest additions to the Buick connectivity lineup is Yelp On-the-Go. This handy application lets Buick owners access On-the-Go through their infotainment screens. With just a few taps of the screen, you can be on your way to one of the many Yelp listed restaurants available on the app.

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Ways to Prepare Your Car for Spring

Prepare Your Car for Spring

Even though Arizona has spring-like weather in the winter, customers can get a jump start on beating the summer heat by preparing their cars for the spring warm up. Now that the chilly nights are behind you, you might have an incentive to spend a warm afternoon cleaning up your car. Let's consider what is involved in preparing for the better weather in greater detail below.

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