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If you recently cracked a window or accidentally backed your taillight into your mailbox, your local Buick GMC dealer has everything you need to pretend that it never happened. In fact, we have every replaceable part on your vehicle for sale by special order from our exclusive dealer-only catalog. The OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts that we sell are exactly the same or slightly upgraded versions of the parts already in your vehicle. No matter if you need parts for your brakes, drivetrain, ignition system, or even factory lubricants, we have it all at our fingertips. These OEM parts are manufactured under the highest quality standards and engineered to increase the reliability and versatility of your vehicle.

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What are the Benefits of OEM Parts vs Aftermarket Parts?

OEM Parts are Higher Quality

No one has a greater incentive to keep your Buick or GMC vehicle running like a top for years to come. Buick and GMC have billions of dollars to engineer your vehicle for optimal performance. When they contract with OEM parts suppliers or manufacture parts in-house, you can bet your last dollar that every batch is highly scrutinized for defects and tested for quality. When you have a huge reputation on the line, it makes dollars and sense to spend a little extra on quality controls if it protects the billions of dollars invested in branding and image.

The quality distinctions between OEM and aftermarket are epic. If we do a side-by-side visual comparison, you can normally tell which one is the flimsy knock-off. Aftermarket parts are typically cheap looking. The rubber looks like it is rigid and made partly of plastic. The plastic parts look flimsy and weak. The tinny metals look like they came out of crude molds and often have irregularities visible to the naked eye.

OEM quality parts typically are made with rugged ABS plastics, specially formulated alloys that are forged at high pressures to change them at a molecular level, and versatile rubber parts that remain supple at all temperatures.

How Are OEM Parts Supported?

OEM Brakes and Parts

We are able to offer a limited warranty on many of our OEM parts because they are filtered through such rigorous scrutiny. Incorporating aftermarket parts into your late-model Buick GMC will typically void the warranty on those systems. If, for instance, you add aftermarket coil-packs and the ignition control module fails, it may be impossible to convince the manufacturer to cover damages that may be collateral to your unauthorized parts. Adding aftermarket parts has a tendency to weaken the systems they are installed in like cancer. The effect may be insidious because the part seems to function but is nevertheless putting an unseen load on other parts that incur damage over time.

How Do OEM and Aftermarket Parts Differ?

Easy Brake Installations

Our factory authorized OEM parts are always a perfect fit. Our parts specialists search meticulously through factory computer diagrams to find the exact part you need. They use your VIN number to ensure that this part is the one that was installed in your vehicle. Visit us today to pick up a particular stocked part, or to place an order.


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