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The best way to protect your vehicle's value and ensure that it functions well for many years is to maintain it properly at regular intervals. Our Van Buick GMC service team have answers to frequently asked automotive service questions.

How Often Do Buick and GMC Recommend an Oil Change?

It is recommended that you get an oil change every 5,000 -15,000 miles (depending on the type of oil used) or 6 months. You should consult the owner's manual of your vehicle to determine the specific recommendations based on your make and model. Oil changes will extend the lifespan of your car and will allow you to avoid costly repairs..

Do I Have to Pay For a Recall?

Recalls have become quite common across the auto industry. If your vehicle is under recall, feel free to schedule an appointment. You generally do not have to pay for a recall-related repair. Buick and GMC stand behind the products they have made.

Can I Service a Vehicle With Scottsdale Even if I Didn't Buy Here?

With our regular specials and quality care, we have many customers who bought their Buick or GMC elsewhere. We welcome all drivers who want top-notch repairs and maintenance. Parts and services are covered by a 12-month warranty.

Do I Need an Appointment, or Can I Just Show Up?

Our service department handles many repairs and maintenance requests each week. While we want to serve anyone who shows up, there's a good chance that our mechanics will be involved in other repairs. It only takes a moment to use our online scheduler. If your need is urgent, please feel free to call. We open at 7 a.m. Monday through Saturday.

When Should I Replace My Tires?

Tires have a predicted road life as specified by the manufacturer. If you have reached that mileage, you should definitely have your tires replaced. You can also watch for signs that your tires are becoming unsafe. For instance, a wobbly tire is getting ready to blow and needs to be addressed immediately. Using a penny, check your tread. If you can see Abraham Lincoln's head, the tread is too thin. Other signs include tears and worn spots on your tires.

Penny Tire Test

Do You Service Vehicles From Other Brands?

The Van Buick-GMC service department is staffed by experienced, certified mechanics. We can handle all of your repair needs, regardless of brand or style. You can count on us for regular services such as brake pad replacement, fluid flushes, oil changes, and tire rotations. We handle engines, transmissions, electric systems, and more. If you've had an accident, you can expect quality repairs at Van Collision Center. We truly are a full-service repair shop.

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