How To Change The Battery In A GMC Key Fob  

There are a few reasons why the key fob for your GMC vehicle might stop working, but the most common reason by far is a dead battery. Most key fobs for GMC vehicles run on 3-volt CR2032 batteries, which usually last for three or four years. Fortunately, they aren't difficult to replace when they do finally die. All you need to replace it is a flathead screwdriver and a replacement battery. CR2032 batteries can be purchased from just about any department or hardware store where batteries are sold. You might even be able to find packs of three or four if you need some extras.

The back panel of a GMC key fob can be pried open with a flathead screwdriver without any trouble. You'll need to be careful not to force the panel and break something, but it should pop off with little trouble. From there, it's a simple matter to remove the dead battery and put a new one in its place. Pay close attention to whether the positive side of the battery is facing up or down before you take out the dead battery. Most of the time, the positive side should be facing toward the back panel of the key fob. Once the new battery is in place, line up the two parts of the key fob and snap them back together.

In most cases, your key fob should be working fine with a new battery. If it still isn't working, something else may need to be fixed, either with the fob or your vehicle's electronics. If you suspect that this is the case, contact our dealership to make an appointment with us. We can take a look at your vehicle or your key fob to determine the problem.