GMC Ranked Highest for Sales Satisfaction in J.D. Power 2021 U.S. Study  

American consumers trust J.D. Power for reliable information on vehicles and other products on the domestic market. After conducting detailed analytical studies on auto sales nationwide, this organization recognized the GMC brand for superior performance in key segments. Based on extensive feedback from consumers, this luxury brand claimed the highest sales satisfaction according to the J.D. Power metrics. The U.S. Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) is primarily drawn from six distinctive categories. For example, the delivery process accounts for 28% of the final SSI score.

Similarly, the paperwork completion accounts for 19% of the compiled SSI mark. J.D. Power has conducted the SSI reports since the 1980s. For 2021, GMC dominates the SSI list with a combined score of 812. Interestingly, other General Motors companies claimed the second and third spots on the rankings.

GMC Lives Up to High Expectations

As a major player in the luxury market, GMC naturally offers buyers some of the most premium technologies and deluxe amenities. As you explore the company's lineup, you'll find an array of innovative features and reliable items for a highly discerning lifestyle. Therefore, GMC dealerships offer a pleasant shopping experience in line with the brand's excellent reputation. The salespeople at GMC dealerships nationwide offer much more than a conventional interaction with potential customers. Based on the J.D. Power analysis, American drivers highly praise the delivery process of new GMC models. After signing the final paperwork for the financing, the customers were impressed by the arrival of their selected GMC vehicles.

In some cases, the dealers wash, polish, and apply other final touches on the interior and exterior of the purchased vehicle. If you order custom packages and other optional accessories for a GMC vehicle, you might have to wait slightly longer for the delivery. However, the meticulous installation is usually well worth the delay in the long term.

According to the J.D. Power SSI rubric, the dealer personnel category makes up 21% of the finalized score. Buyers truly enjoy their friendly and professional interactions with the highly knowledgeable sales teams at GMC dealerships. Customers expect the staff to know every minor detail regarding performance, technologies, safety features, and other major categories. Additionally, the salespeople should demonstrate all available features to provide extra convenience and utility for the buyers.

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