Some Buick models come with an advanced and helpful system called Buick Navigation. Buick Navigation is an advanced feature that doubles as a safety and convenience item. With Buick Navigation, you can quickly, safely, and easily access traditional directions to get to all the places you want to go.

Unlike your phone or printed directions, however, Buick Navigation eliminates the need for looking down at your phone or maps to get directions. Instead, you can conveniently use the navigation system through your smartphone or by setting up voice commands. Buick Navigation may be standard or available depending on the Buick that you choose. Either way, you'll want to know how to use Buick Navigation if it comes with your car.

Finding a Destination

If you have a Buick with Navigation, you'll be able to get to the navigation screen simply with the press of a button. Once you reach the Navigation page, you have several options for entering a destination. One option is to enter direction manually using the touchscreen. You can simply start typing in directions to reach a new destination or a point of interest.

2021 Buick Enclave Navigation System  

If you're going to a repeat address or trying to find an address in your contact list, the directions page will automatically auto-populate for you to save time. You can also enter a new address using voice commands. The concept is similar, but instead of typing an address into the navigation system, you can get directions by telling your car where you want to go. If your vehicle has OnStar, you can also get directions by first pushing the blue OnStar button. You can also get directions by downloading the myBuick app and sending directions from your phone to your vehicle.

Using Voice Recognition

If you want to go someplace new or reach a stored contact's address, you have the option of getting there using voice recognition technology instead. This method is just as simple. Rather than touching your infotainment screen to get directions, however, you simply press the button that says "push to talk" on your Buick's infotainment system. The button may also appear on your steering wheel, depending on your car. You will hear a beep, after which you can enter the address of your chosen destination by voice. If you want to go to a stored destination, you can use voice commands to give a partial address for faster access.

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