Taking care of your new car battery doesn't have to be difficult or stressful! Just watch our short video to learn all you need to know about battery service in Scottsdale.

Starting your car is a quick and easy process, one that takes no time or thought at all. Because of this simplicity, it's fairly easy to forget about the various parts that make this possible, causing drivers to be taken by surprise when the battery fails to perform as it should. 

However, by taking strides to learn more about the battery and how to properly care for it, Scottsdale drivers can better arm themselves against battery failure.

What Causes a Car Battery to Die?

Car batteries are not designed to last forever--on average, car batteries typically last two to three years in Arizona. However, if you're replacing your battery every year or more, you may want to take a closer look at some of your driving habits. There are several things you could be doing unintentionally that are draining your battery, including:

1. Battery damage (faulty wiring, heat damage, terminal corrosion, low battery fluid, etc.

Solution: Receive battery service near me every six months to ensure your battery is performing correctly

2. Forgetting to turn your headlights or cabin lights off; leaving a door or the trunk lid ajar

Solution: Double check the lights, doors and trunk before locking your vehicle

3. Leaving power adapters plugged in when the vehicle isn't running

Solution: Unplug adapters as soon as you are done using them

4. Idling too often

Solution: If you need to sit in your vehicle for more than a few minutes, shut off the engine and accessories

5. Not driving long enough to allow your battery to fully recharge

Solution: Try to make most of your trips at least 15-20 minutes long

6. Parking in direct sunlight

Solution: Extreme heat can instantly zap your battery, so store your vehicle in covered or garage parking whenever possible

Is It Time to Replace Your Car Battery?

Red Check Battery Light OnThere are several factors that determine whether your vehicle is ready for battery replacement in Scottsdale, starting with age. If your battery is older, you may want to consider purchasing a new car battery near me just to be on the safe side.

Another determining factor is its condition. During routine battery service near me, your battery will be put through several diagnostic tests. If it has a low voltage reading or is unable to hold a charge, our technicians will recommend that you replace your car battery.

Additionally, there are other signs you should always look out for, as they signal that your vehicle is at immediate risk for battery failure:

  • Battery light is illuminated on the driver information center
  • Engine is slow to turn over
  • Battery is leaking (look for acid build-up around the terminals)
  • Battery case appears bloated or cracked
  • Problems with various accessories and electronics

Where to Purchase a New Car Battery Near Me

When it comes to car battery replacement in Scottsdale, you'll find that few other shops can measure up to our level of expertise! Our Buick and GMC specialists know which battery is right for your vehicle and are certified to perform replacement and installation on a variety of makes and models. Plus, you'll find that we stock a range of high-quality brands, including ACDelco batteries.



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