Spring 2022 Auto Maintenance Tips  

Although you may prioritize spring-cleaning your home once the winter season comes to an end, it's also important to give your vehicle extra attention. Most cars take a beating in the winter season due to exposure to the elements and harsh weather conditions. There are a few spring 2022 auto maintenance tips to follow to get it back in great shape.

Check Your Tires

Check out your tires to confirm there's enough tread to ensure you have good traction on the road. Add a penny to the tread to determine if there's enough depth. The rubber should touch the hair on Abraham Lincoln's head but need to be replaced if the tread doesn't have contact with the hair.

Your tires should also be inflated, making it necessary to check what the manufacturer recommends in your owner's manual. This is also a good time to remove tire chains or winter tires.

Inspect Your Fluids

Take a look at your fluids to ensure they're clean and don't need to be topped off. The most important fluid to look at includes the brake fluid, coolant, engine oil, power steering fluid, and transmission fluid. This will allow your engine to maintain a proper temperature and will allow everything to operate reliably.

The windshield wipers may also need to be replaced if they appear worn down and make streaks on the glass when they're in use.

Wash the Car

Snow and ice can cause a lot of grime to develop on the outside of your vehicle during the winter season. A lot of salt and brine can also accumulate on the paint while driving on different types of roads. Wash the car and wax it to prevent the paint from appearing dull. This will prevent damage to the clear coat on your paint and can also reduce the risk of rust developing.

Cleaning the car's interior is also necessary to remove crumbs, trash, and debris. Use a handheld vacuum cleaner to clean the seats. If you have leather seats, use a leather conditioner to reduce the risk of creases that can form in the heat.

Feel free to contact us today to learn more about the most important auto maintenance tips to follow in spring 2022 to ensure you can enjoy using your vehicle and avoid potential issues. We'll answer your questions and can steer you in the right direction to reverse the wear and tear that has developed on your vehicle.

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