GMC Works With Marcus Graham Project To Diversify The Next Generation Of Leaders  

GMC has launched a multi-year collaboration with the Marcus Graham Project (MGP). The MGP began with the purpose of assisting struggling BIPOC leaders to find careers in media, marketing, and advertising. GMC has said that it wants to invest more in an ecosystem of racially diverse media and support programs that would promote greater equality at GMC and General Motors.

Helping BIPOC Leaders to Live Prosperous Careers

The Marcus Graham Project will collaborate with GMC to make opportunities and pathways for those seeking employment opportunities. One study in 2019 found that less than one percent of all advertising and promotion managers were Black. The Marcus Graham Project, started in 2007, was an initiative that sought to reverse this inequality.

GMC will invest in programs from the Marcus Graham Project to foster change and equality. The marketing industries wouldn't reflect the rich diversity of the United States until 2079 under the current system. That goes to show the level of inequality that GMC, together with MGP, is hoping to address.

GMC Sponsors iCR8 Boot Camp

In 2022, GMC announced plans to sponsor the Marcus Graham Project's iCR8 Boot Camp. This annual event offers an 11-week immersive experience that will train the next generation of advertising, media, and marketing talent. At the same time, they hope to address the racial disparities in the marketing industry.

The program helps Black, indigenous and people of color to find careers in marketing, media, and advertising. The program offers real-world exposure to participants to assist them in having a meaningful career.

GMC and MGP: The Perfect Marriage

Lincoln Stephens, the co-founder at MGP, said that when GMC approached them, offering to sponsor them, they thought of it as the perfect marriage because of the brand's genuine commitment to helping to change this inequality. He hopes that it will build a diverse pipeline of marketing professionals. Those who participate in the program will meet with marketing stakeholders and learn about the various amplification strategies. We want to push the limits of what's possible here to help Black people and people of color succeed in marketing.


You can visit us or contact our dealership if you would like to learn more about this exciting news. GMC, along with General Motors, will sponsor change that will help the racial disparity in America. We are proud to support a brand that takes a proactive role in addressing the inequalities.