There’s no denying that the high-reaching liftgate on your new GMC SUV comes in handy, but most of the time, you probably don’t need it to open to full capacity. That’s why each Acadia, Terrian and Yukon with a power liftgate or power handsfree liftgate is equipped with a feature that allows you to program your preferred height. Get step-by-step instructions on how to utilize this feature in the tutorial above!

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Tips For Programming Your Vehicle's Power Liftgate Height

Having a liftgate that opens automatically is a standard feature in most SUVs. However, having one that can be set to only open to a customized height is a new feature offered by GMC. You'll find this option on all Acadia, Terrain, and Yukon models. Setting the opening height of your power liftgate is very simple to do.

Step 1: With your vehicle in park, locate the hands-free liftgate control knob on the driver's front door. It will show a diagram of the vehicle with the liftgate open. You'll see options for MAX, 3/4, and OFF.

Step 2: Rotate the knob to the 3/4 setting and push the control knob to active the liftgate. The liftgate will open to its pre-programmed setting and stop.

Step 3: Manually adjust the liftgate to your preferred height and then, press and hold the liftgate button. This liftgate button is located on the interior of the liftgate and sports a diagram of a vehicle with the liftgate open. Continue to hold this liftgate button until the turn signals flash.

That is all that's required to program your power liftgate height. The next time you open your liftgate with your driver's door control knob or your key fob, the liftgate will open to the height you selected. If you ever want to alter the height setting of your hands-free powered liftgate in the future, be sure to follow the steps above. If you have any further questions, be sure to stop by our dealership so our helpful staff members can assist you today.