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Buick Avista Could Debut As a Four-Door Coupe

Buick’s brand-new Avista Concept car was a huge hit at this year’s Detroit Auto Show, and while initial reports claimed the car would not go into production, this may no longer be the case. According to MotorTrend, the Avista could end up arriving on the market after all as a four-door coupe, ditching its two-door design that originally debuted earlier this year.

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Buick Avista Concept Pays Homage to the Brand's Performance Heritage

Buick has decided to reignite their performance roots and recently showed off their brand-new 2+2 coupe, the Avista Concept, to give auto enthusiasts a glimpse into their potential future design plans. The car, which is said to embody “the dynamic soul of Buick,” pays tribute to the brand’s early vehicles that delivered exceptional performance in an elegant package.

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