2020 GMC Safety and Tech Changes

GMC Line-Up

GMC has developed several new safety technologies for some of its 2020 models. This American auto brand surely offers some of the safest SUVs and pickup trucks in the world.

Safety Upgrades and New Features in GMC Models

GMC adds an all-new safety package to the Terrain, a small sport utility vehicle with an affordable price tag. Standard in all editions, the Pro Safety bundle provides incredible value in active safety. Drivers will get the Automatic Emergency Braking technology that makes split-second decisions in dangerous situations on the road. For instance, this feature will maximize the braking pressure if you're only seconds away from crashing into another moving vehicle.

The GMC Pro Safety suite also includes the Following Distance Indicator, which issues alerts if you're following another car too closely. This technology monitors the real-time gap between the Terrain and another automobile in the same lane. Drivers will also get the standard IntelliBeam headlamps and Lane Keep Assistance from the all-new safety package. If you're looking for additional help behind the steering wheel of the Terrain, simply purchase the Driver Alert Package. Some highlights of this optional package include the Rear Park Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control.

GMC has also developed several new safety technologies for the Sierra Heavy Duty, which has tremendous towing capabilities. This full-size pickup truck is now available with the Enhanced ProGrade Trailering System, which utilizes up to 15 different cameras to generate detailed views in real-time. This segment-exclusive technology is paired with a head-up display that occupies 15 inches on the windshield.

You'll see important trailer information on the high-resolution HUD. Additionally, the Sierra Heavy Duty offers the Rear Camera Mirror for the first time. Towing has never been easier thanks to the iN-Command Control System, which is compatible with the signature myGMC application. You can use this mobile app to manage towing for short and long distances.

As you shop for 2020 GMC models, you'll see several other safety amenities, such as the Safety Alert Seat. When you're in danger of crashing into another car or obstacle, this patented seat will vibrate at certain intensities. The magnitude of the pulses corresponds to the threat level of an accident. Select 2020 GMC vehicles also offer the Surround Vision technology that creates bird's eye views, which are visible on the GMC Infotainment System touch screen. This optical technology comes on when you choose the reverse gear in the transmission system.

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