How Does Yelp On-the-go Reservations

Buick is constantly expanding its list of tech features that make life easier for Buick owners. One of the latest additions to the Buick connectivity lineup is Yelp On-the-Go. This handy application lets Buick owners access On-the-Go through their infotainment screens. With just a few taps of the screen, you can be on your way to one of the many Yelp listed restaurants available on the app.

How Does Yelp On-The-Go Work?

As the name implies, people using this app are often on the go, busy and unable to give a quick phone call to a restaurant of their choice so that they don't have to phone in a reservation or wait for a long time at a table that might not be available for a few hours. Obviously, someone who would make use of this app is probably eating at more than just fast food establishments. They're frequent diners at establishments that require a reservation, and that's typical of a Buick owner, as it's a luxury brand and is usually purchased by folks who enjoy fine dining as well.

This application goes along well with the lifestyle of most luxury car owners. What goes better with a fine luxury vehicle than the ability to make reservations at your favorite restaurant? Perhaps best of all is that you can quickly, on the go, search for a restaurant you've never even been to. Want Mexican cuisine? How about seafood or Chinese? The Yelp app allows you to seamlessly and easily search for a dining establishment by the type of cuisine you have a craving for. This is the perfect app for busy folks who live fast-paced lives and are often looking for a nice meal on the way home from work, or hard-working individuals who need to find the perfect place to take their lunch date for lunch. Millions of Buick owners are going to love seeing this added to their infotainment system, hassle-free, and Buick is rightfully proud of the partnership with Yelp as well. It's available with select Buick models.

Buick Yelp On-The-Go Models

If you're already getting hungry just reading about this, don't feel alone. Millions of folks take advantage of apps like this on their cellphones, but how wonderful that they are now part of luxury cars and even fairly economical cars by the likes of Buick. It's a great way to simplify your life by making reservations on the go, as they say, and it's completely free when you buy a model that includes this terrific app. Yelp itself helps millions of people enjoy their dining out experience more than they have in the past, sharing their reviews and photos. And now you can directly reserve a spot for yourself in your favorite dining establishment on the way home from work or even on a busy day off. It's a simple, couple of taps process, and it doesn't cost you a dime when you buy a Buick that features Yelp On-The-Go.

We invite you to call our dealership today to find out which models of Buick feature Yelp On-The-Go Reservations application. We'll set you up with a test drive of your favorite model and show you how the Yelp application works. We look forward to hearing from you.

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