4G Hotspot in GMC with iPad

In many ways, GMC has other manufacturers in its class beat with its 4G hotspot capabilities. You do not have to worry about dead zones where Internet access is scarce when you are driving the latest GM car or truck because the vehicles have the benefit of WiFi built into their fabric. Which automobiles come standard with the 4G hotspot feature, though? Read on to find out!

What does GM's 4G hotspot feature do?

If you have ever needed to use the Internet while driving through a desert area, then you know the pain of dead zones. While many cars and trucks have WiFi capabilities that power things such as SiriusXM Radio, the benefits do not extend to the driver who wants to sync his smartphone and use the connection for other things.

The good news is that GM has found a remedy to rectify the issue that comes in the form of its 4G hotspot feature. You can consider this perk as your ultimate connection as your vehicle operates like a router that gets you in tune with the Web. Perhaps the best thing about GM's WiFi system is the reliable and consistent signal that you receive. This benefit is, of course, made possible because of the network traveling with you instead of the connection being in one spot.

Which GM cars and trucks have the 4G hotspot feature?

The Sierra 1500 and Sierra 1500 Denali are two of GM's rugged trucks that carry the 4G hotspot feature. Yukon and Yukon Denali models are two of the brand's full-size SUV to offer the WiFi connection capabilities. The Acadia and Acadia Denali are mid-size SUV models that give you the option of having GM's 4G hotspot.

As far as crossover vehicles are concerned, the Terrain and Terrain Denali are trucks that give you the benefit of compactness along with the convenience of WiFi on the road. GM's Savana Passenger Van is also capable of providing the Internet to go.

You can learn more about the GM 4G hotspot feature when you stop by our dealer to test drive a 2018 car or truck. Come in today!

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