myBuick app

Buick is a modern luxury car maker focused on moving forward in the 21st century. Such is the reason why the manufacturer invented the myBuick app for its car and truck owners.

What is the myBuick app?

The myBuick app is a feature that offers automobile owners the power to control their vehicles remotely. This perk is the ideal choice when you want to start your Buick from the office or when you forget to lock your doors at family events. The myBuick app takes remote accessibility to the next level by giving drivers the ability to control their autos from another part of the world.

Other myBuick app features

In addition to controlling your vehicle's door locks and engine remotely, the myBuick app also lets you send destinations from your smartphone to the Buick navigation system. Finding new restaurants and meeting spots is that much easier with myBuick.

There is also a new feature that comes with Buick's accessibility feature called the Buick Smart Driver. This perk monitors your driving habits so that you can be even safer on the road. You can track how many hard stops you have experienced within a week's time after you enroll in the Buick Smart Driver program. This feature also lets you track the total miles driven along with late-night road habits.

The Buick Smart Driver feature is a great way for parents to keep track of their newly licensed teenagers. Imagine being able to place limitations on your excited teen who's ready to paint the town from your phone!

You can learn more about the myBuick app when you stop by and talk with one of our friendly staff. Test drive a new Buick car or SUV while you're here!

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